Seller Advisory Services

When it comes to selling your healthcare company, HCAG leads the industry with the most extensive network of buyer relationships. Our reputation for creating win-win results will greatly benefit your ability to sell your healthcare business at a premium.

Healthcare Acquisitions Group (HCAG) provides sellers with complete and confidential advisory services throughout the process of selling their company.

With representation you can trust, HCAG advisors work closely with ownership stakeholders to maximize your company’s value, and oversee seller transactions to ensure successful, efficient deal closures.

No upfront fees, no hidden charges, or cancellation costs. HCAG’s competitive low advisory fee is based on the actual amount your company sells for, and not on the asking price.

HCAG’s Seller Process was developed uniquely for the healthcare industry. With over 30 years of expertise in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, healthcare operations, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, clinical, and regulatory, our firm knows what it takes to help you sell your agency, facility, lab, etc.


HCAG’s Seller Process | High Level Overview
  1. All engagements begin with a FREE, strategic, confidential analysis. We help you evaluate your exit goals, and if needed, provide an in-depth valuation through a CPA advisor. We work with all sizes of companies, and understand every healthcare business is unique. An advisor will work with you to establish a fair market asking price.
  1. Upon collection of key data, your HCAG advisor will develop a customized and de-identified executive summary of your company’s unique value drivers to be presented to our vast network of qualified prospective buyers prior to them signing confidentiality agreements.
  1. Once a confidentiality agreement has been executed with our pre-qualified buyer network, an advisor will provide specialized data and documentation to the prospective buyer for evaluating next steps toward a Letter of Intent
  1. Once a prospective buyer has signed a Letter of Intent, and an offer is made, your HCAG advisor will work with ownership stakeholders throughout due diligence and deal closure. We will make sure the deal meets your strategic goal, and be there every step of the way.
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